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   NOTE: Lab membership on your account is required to access this calendar.

Booking Restrictions: 

New users ( P or A, ie those without out of hours access) will be allowed to book up to TWO  4 hour daytime sessions (9am-1pm or 1pm-5pm) in advance.
Out of hours users will be allowed to book ONE daytime session and up to THREE out of hours sesssions in advance.

If you need to book extra time over the sessions that you are allocated, or you have difficulty working with out of hours slots, please contact Gareth Hughes or Neil Young, who will be able to authorise additional bookings for you.

The last slot on the calendar corresponds to the NIGHT SESSION. 
By reserving the night slot you are allowed to use the equipment overnight 
until 9 in the morning on the next day.

 Please also note the general EM booking rules